The International Organisation of Pension Supervisors promotes, conducts and facilitates research in co-operation with relevant international bodies.


Principles and Guidelines 

The IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision focus on protecting the interests of pension fund members and beneficiaries, by promoting the stability, security and good governance of pension funds. A methodology for authorities to undertake self-assessment against the Principles has also been developed. [more]

 IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision

 Methodology for IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision 

 IOPS Good Practices and Guidelines

Working Papers on effective pension supervision

As the proportion of retirement income provided by private pensions becomes increasingly important, the quality and effectiveness of their supervision becomes more and more crucial.

Launched in August 2007, the IOPS Working Paper Series highlights a range of challenges to be met in the development of national pension supervisory systems. The papers review the nature and effectiveness of new and established pensions supervisory systems, providing examples, experiences and lessons learnt for the benefit of the pensions community. [more]


Cambridge Journal of Pension Economics and Finance

The Journal of Pension Economics and Finance is the only academic journal focusing on the economics and finance of pensions and retirement income. The journal is co-sponsored by the IOPS and the OECD.




Research by jurisdiction/territory

The IOPS provides information by jurisdiction on pension supervision for IOPS members and non-members. 


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