Standard Setting, Research and Resources

The IOPS is an independent, standard-setting body whose mission is to promote good practices in pension supervision and to serve as a world-wide forum for policy dialogue and the exchange of information. The key resource of the IOPS is its very active membership. Research projects are proposed, led and developed by country members and teams – ensuring the great involvement, relevance and commitment to all projects undertaken.



Standard Setting

The IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision provide  a  set  of  globally  accepted  principles  covering  the  organisation  and  activities  of pension supervisors and outline 10 main areas for effective pension supervision. The Principles were first approved by the Governing members in 2006 and revised in 2010.

 IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision  (ENG / FR ) (pdf)

  • Methodology for Review of Supervisory Systems

This assessment framework provides a structured means of assessing the extent to which a pensions supervisory authority complies with the letter and spirit of the Principles.

  Methodology for IOPS Principles of Private Pension Supervision  (ENG / FR) (pdf)

  • Guidelines and Good Practices on Pension Supervision

These guidelines and good practices aim to help pension supervisory authorities to identify the areas of weakness to bring the regulation and supervisory regimes and techniques in line with international standards. [View the Guidelines]



Recent Articles and Documentation of Interest

Cambridge Journal of Pension Economics and Finance

Since its founding in 2001, the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance has served as the only peer-reviewed journal focusing on pension economics and finance issues.

Through its association with the OECD and the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS), this journal has become an influential outlet for research on pension issues and is widely circulated to the top academic departments as well as leading regulators, policymakers and international organisations.

Members can access JPEF issues online through this link.

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