As an IOPS Member:

- you have privileged access to all relevant information and topical discussion generated by IOPS;

- you contribute to, and influence, the leading global standards which the IOPS sets;

- you have an exclusive invitation to IOPS informative events;

- you can request work on specific areas of interest;

- you will receive three editions per year of the Cambridge Journal of Pension Economics and Finance.



Governing Membership
Any entity, responsible in whole or in part for the supervision of pension funds, plans, schemes or arrangements in a country or in the subdivision of a country, whether invested with its own personality or not.

Associate Membership
Any governmental authority including any international authority, that is responsible in whole or in part for pension regulation or the establishment of pension policy and that has an interest in pension supervision and any international governmental (or similar) organisation that has a direct, institutional interest in pension supervision.

Observer-status Membership
Other entities interested in pension supervision such as research organisations, industry bodies, financial institutions and professional firms engaged in the business of providing pension-related services.

Information about the entitlements of each membership category is available in the IOPS Brochure for Non-members (pdf). 

Full list of IOPS members



To apply:

1. Download and complete the Membership Form  

2.‌ Email it to caroline.lam@oecd.org



Fees are levied in three bands according to the stage of economic development in the member country. The bands are based on the World Bank Country Classification (using per capita gross national income). 

High Income economies: EUR 8250

Middle Income economies: EUR 5500

Low Income economies: EUR 2750

All IOPS Observers are subject to the top band of membership fees.

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