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News and Events

13-14 February 2024
IOPS Committee Meetings followed by the IOPS/OECD/CONSAR International Conference, Mexico City, Mexico

10-12 June 2024
IOPS Committee Meetings, jointly with the OECD WPPP, followed by the International Pensions Research Association (IPRA) Conference, Paris, France

18-20 November 2024
IOPS Committee Meetings, Annual General Meeting & OECD/IOPS Global Forum on Private Pensions, Bali, Indonesia


Working Papers on Effective Pension Supervision

The IOPS Working Papers series aims to fill a gap in pension research by highlighting a range of challenges to be met in the development of national pension supervisory systems.

Latest issue: Liquidity risks for pension funds related to margin calls: Survey results 


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IOPS Guidelines and Good Practices

Our Guidelines and Good Practices are being developed to help supervisory regimes throughout the world comply with international standards. 

Latest issue: IOPS Good Practices for designing, presenting and supervising pension projections (22 March 2022)

IOPS Good Practices for designing, presenting and supervising pension projections

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IOPS Toolkit for Risk-based Supervision

The IOPS Toolkit for Risk-based Supervision (RBS) provides a 5-module framework for pensions supervisors looking to apply a system of risk-based supervision. Case studies from 11 Jurisdictions which have adopted a risk-based approach provide further details of how a risk-based methodology has been developed in different contexts.

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Members only area

Open to all Governing and Associate Members, this password-protected community site facilitates the exchange of ideas and provides access to meeting documents.

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Journal of Pension Economics and Finance

The JPEF is the only academic journal focusing on the economics and finance of pensions and retirement income. The ageing population, together with the shrinking workforce, heralds a growing pensions crisis, which has become a key public policy issue in developed countries and elsewhere.

The journal is co-sponsored by the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) and the OECD, and is published by Cambridge University.

Database of complementary and private pensions

The ISSA/OECD/IOPS Complementary and Private Pensions Database provides a comprehensive data source on the regulation of private pension systems worldwide. It is publicly available on website of The International Social Security Association (ISSA):

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