RBS Toolkit

The IOPS Toolkit for Risk-based pension supervision (RBS) provides a 5-module framework for pensions supervisors looking to apply a system of risk-based supervision.

Launched in 2010, the IOPS Toolkit for Risk-based Pension Supervisors is a structured approach focusing on identifying potential risks faced by pension funds and assessing the financial and operational factors in place to mitigate those risks.

The 5-module framework provides practical guidance and includes comprehensive case studies to illustrate how supervisors have dealt with the challenges inherent in implementing the concepts and techniques of risk-based supervision.


Module 0 - Introduction

Module 1 - Preparation

Module 2 - Quantitative Risk Assessment Tools

Module 3 - Identifying Risks

Module 4 - Risk Mitigants and Risk Scoring

Module 5 - Supervisory Response


Information Brochure for the IOPS Toolkit for Risk-based Pension Supervisors

The Outcomes Based Diagnosis and Assessment Handbook, World Bank, June 2016


Country case studies




Costa Rica Case study

Germany Case study

Guernsey Risk based supervision in Guernsey (added 2021)

Hungary Case study


Mauritius AML-CFT Handbook (refer to pages 7-8 and 21-41)



Republic of North Macedonia

South Africa  Case study