Republic of North Macedonia - Pension System Overview



September 2018:  the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance (MAPAS) organized the Pension Awareness Day. The event took place in several cities and was attended by MAPAS and the two Pension Companies, KB Prvo Penzisko Drustvo AD Skopje and Sava Pension Association ad. Skopje.

The goal of this information event was to increase the awareness about the pension system and the importance of the financial literacy of the public. The latest information and educational materials prepared by MAPAS and the pension companies were distributed at the event. More information can be found on the MAPAS website here.

February 2013: MAPAS adopts a new governance structure. In February 2013, the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia appointed the new MAPAS management body – Council of experts. More information is available in the country note provided by MAPAS.


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May 2012: Experts discuss challenges to introducing Risk-Based Supervision and core principles for insurance supervision at the 2nd IOPS Regional Workshop on Pension Supervision for CEE, CIS, Caucasia and Central Asia Regions (10 May 2012, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia) and at the IOPS-IAIS PCG Joint Seminar on Cross-Sectoral Issues (11 May 2012, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia)



John Ashcroft, Key Expert to the EU project [Support to the Agency for Supervision of fully funded pension insurance (MAPAS)], JA Pension Consulting Ltd.



Julia Cillikova, Director of Regulation and Financial Analyses Department Regulatory and Risk Management Methodology Department, National Bank of Slovakia


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