IOPS/FSC International Seminar on pension supervision and regulation, 23-24 February 2017, Jamaica


IOPS/FSC International Seminar on pension supervision and regulation


23-24 February, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

The growing importance of funded pension arrangements both in financial terms and with regard to their role in the provision of retirement income is calling upon government authorities to refine and strengthen regulatory frameworks and enhance efficiency of surveillance over the retirement benefits sector. Rapidly ageing populations, prolonged period of low growth and low long-term interest rates exacerbated by the recent economic and financial crisis, pose numerous challenges to the private pension systems in terms of changing the design of pension schemes, search for non-traditional investment asset categories as well as increased interest in issues related to interaction of pension funds with financial markets. A wide range of policy changes and initiatives are being currently explored and implemented by the public authorities to improve the design of private pension arrangements and more sophisticated techniques and procedures are being used in the supervisory process increasingly incorporating risk features posed by pension entities.

The seminar focused on a selected number of issues relating to pension supervision and regulation, which are widely discussed in majority of countries around the world including the Caribbean region.

Special attention during the seminar was devoted to:

1) sources of systemic risks and potential impact of private pension funds on financial stability and subsequent supervisory challenges;

2) evolving regulatory frameworks and supervision of non-traditional investments, including alternative investments and investments abroad;

3) changes in pension scheme design characterised by the shift from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) arrangements and supervisory responses to them;

4) communication around pension reform and new emerging pension plan designs and other topics.



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Sally Day-Hanotiaux, IOPS


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