IOPS/AIOS International Seminar on Pension Systems: 24-25 February 2015, San José, Costa Rica


24-25 February, San José, Costa Rica

This International Seminar aimed to achieve greater interactions between two international organisations working on pension supervisory matters. The seminar addressed topics which are both a high priority on the supervisory agendas in the Latin American region and within the programme of work for the IOPS. Specifically:

  • non-traditional investments: market practice, regulation and supervision
  • supervision of guarantee capitals, guarantee funds and benchmarking investment returns in private pension systems
  • role of supervision related to consumer protection in pensions
  • supervising the administration and distribution of benefits
  • the Latin-American perspective: second generation reforms in the defined contribution pension systems
  • pension high expectations and poor saving culture
  • how to stimulate greater competition in defined contribution pension systems


Participants included senior officials from pension supervisory authorities and other public agencies involved in the supervision and the regulation of private pensions, with a particular focus in the Latin American region.



>> Opening Speech: Mr. Olivier Castro, President of the Central Bank of Costa Rica

>> Agenda (pdf)

>> Day 1 presentations (zip)

>> Day 2 presentations (zip)



Sally Day-Hanotiaux, IOPS


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