IOPS/COVIP International Seminar on Private Pensions: Issues in individual DC pension funds – international experience: 26 February 2016, Rome, Italy


26 February, Rome, Italy

This International Seminar will be composed of two sessions. The first session will focus on a selected number of policy issues and challenges related to pension systems with individual accounts, drawing from experiences from across Europe and Latin America. Among other relevant aspects, this session will address the issue of fees that are charged to participants in privately managed defined contribution systems. It will also look at a range of measures taken by regulatory and supervisory authorities to foster competition among providers.

The IOPS/COVIP International Seminar will also discuss the issue of pension projections for pension plan members both in DC and DB pension arrangements, and related supervisory challenges and experiences. In many jurisdictions increased attention is given to pension projections. These, together with individualised benefit statements, are considered as key documents for pension fund members. Projections should allow members assess the current financial adequacy of their retirement income, have more realistic expectations and take appropriate actions, if necessary. While recognising their extreme utility, pension projections are not easily produced since they imply a large number of assumptions of economic, financial and demographic nature over a long period (use of deterministic or stochastic scenarios for elaboration of pension projections).

The session will look at:

1) the methods defined by pension supervisors and other relevant bodies to produce projections

2) the way they communicate them to members

3) the major difficulties encountered and tackled by the supervisory authorities.



>> Agenda (pdf)

>> Presentations Session 1 (zip)

>> Presentations Session 2 (zip)




Sally Day-Hanotiaux, IOPS


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