Programme of Work 2021-2022

The Programme of Work for 2021-22 was approved by the Governing Membership at the virtual Annual General Meeting held on Zoom on 17 November 2020.

Strategic priorities:
  • Extend the supervisory knowledge and develop the international guidelines and good practices in the area of investments and risk management;
  • Update and further develop supervisory knowledge and the international guidelines and good practices in the area of Risk-based supervision (RBS) in private pensions;
  • Build the supervisory knowledge and develop the international guidelines and good practices in the area of Fintech and Digitalization in private pensions;
  • Continue developing and updating international supervisory standards and good practices by conducting research and provision of supervisory guidance in the area of identified challenges faced by supervisors;
  • Undertake research into selected supervisory issues as identified by IOPS members;
  • Provide technical assistance to IOPS members for selected regulatory and supervisory issues and challenges;
  • Continue work on improving the internal and external communication of the Organisation”.
New Projects for development during 2021-22
  •  Data collection by pension supervisors
  •  Data disclosure by pension funds and schemes
  •  Transparency and benchmarking
  •  Pension funds in post-Covid recovery (jointly with the OECD WPPP)
  • Any projects directly supported by Members’ activities and resources
On-going Projects
  • Risk-based supervision (RBS)
  • Digitalisation and cyber resilience

Project team: Austria, Chile, Hong Kong (China), Hungary, Kenya, Mexico and Turkey.

  • Investment guarantees in DC pension systems

Project team: Ukraine and Italy.

  • Supervisory lessons learnt from Covid-19
Other On-going Work
  • Organising Tour d’Horizon as part of the Technical Committee
  • Updating and developing the research section of the IOPS web-site, IOPS Pension system profiles and ISSA/OECD/IOPS database
  • Update on fees charged in IOPS jurisdictions
  • Update on variables used for pension projections in IOPS jurisdictions
  • Technical Assistance
On-going Projects with Other Institutions

  • Consumer Protection
The OECD continues developing further guidance following the adoption of the High Level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection for the G20 (the IOPS has been represented at the Task Force on this issue by the Secretariat). The IOPS continues to be involved in follow up work relating to these Principles (specifically any sectoral based work relating to private pensions).
  • Other G20 work: TheIOPS may also be asked to contribute sectoral expertise to other G20 projects.
  • FSB: The IOPS is ready to contribute to the work of the Financial Stability Board on projects related to private pensions and supervision.
  • OECD
The IOPS has collaborated successfully with the OECD in previous years on projects of joint interest. During 2021-2022, the OECD Working Party on Private Pension will be working on several projects that may be of interest and open for potential collaboration between the IOPS and the OECD. They include work on revisiting the OECD Roadmap for the Good Design of DC Pension Plans, mortality tables, designs for the retirement phase, introducing and improving funded retirement arrangements, investment strategies, defaults and benchmarks; cost of running funded retirement arrangements.
  •  IAIS: the IOPS will continue collaborating with IAIS on any topical projects that relate to pension supervision.