Papers on governance


Papers on governance


OECD Guidelines for Pension Fund Governance, OECD, 2005 OECD

OECD Guidelines for Pension Fund Governance: Implications for U.S. Pension Funds, Jayne Elizabeth Zanglein

Committee of Fund Governance: Best Practice Principles, Stanford Institutional Investors Forum

Pension Fund Circulars (Circular 130 and annexes), South Africa, Financial Services Board


Pension Fund Governance: Challenge and Potential Solutions OECD


The State of Global Pension Fund Governance Today: Board Competency Still a Problem Ambachtsheer K., Capelle R., Lum H.

Dealing with Reluctant Investors, A.Byrne, D. Harrison,D.Blake

Best-Practice Investment Management: Lessons for Asset Owners Clark, G.L. and Urwin, R.

The Governance of Work Based Pension Schemes The Pensions Regulator UK

Occupational Pension Scheme Governance: A Report on the 2007 Governance Survey The Pensions Regulator UK

Czech Republic - Pilot Diagnostic Review of the Governance of Private Pension Fund Sector, World Bank


Pension Fund Governance Today: Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities for Improvement,   K. Ambachtsheer, R. Capelle, H. Lum

Pension Fund Efficiency: the Impact of Scale, Governance and Plan Design Bikker, J., de Dreu,J.

Restoring Confidence: Measuring and Managing Performance in Pensions B.Marr, J.Blackwell, K.Donaldson 

Global Governance of Retirement Plans Survey 2006, Mercer HR,

Report of th Pensions Board to the Minister for Social and Family Affairs on Trusteeship Pensions Board Ireland

Governance of Brazilian Pension Funds, Luciana Dias


The Corporate Governance of Defined Benefit Pension Plans: Evidence from the United Kingdom Cocco.J.F, Volpin, P. (2005)

Comparison of the Treatment of Conflict of Interest in Select Eastern European and Latin American Countries, OECD, 2003

Pension Fund Governance and the Choice Between DB and DC Plans, T.Besley, A.Prat, 2003


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