Public consultation 2021 on the IOPS draft Good Practices for designing, presenting and supervising pension projections


Consultation now closed

The International Organisation of Pensions Supervisors (IOPS) launched a process of public consultation on its draft "Good practices for designing presenting and supervising pension projections".

These good practices aim to outline and provide suggestions on the most important issues from the perspective of pension supervisors as well as ultimately for members and beneficiaries. The document provides advice on how to design, present and supervise pension projections from funded pillars.

The process of the public consultation is intended to collect comments on these IOPS draft Good Practices. It targets public and private stakeholders, including international organisations with an interest in financial sector supervision. Based on the comments and feedback received through the process of the public consultation, the Good Practices will be reviewed and presented for final approval by IOPS Members.

The deadline for comments was 16 April 2021. The public consultation is now closed.


Good practices for designing, presenting and supervising pension projections. (PDF)



Any requests for further information should be addressed to Mr. Dariusz Stanko ( and Mr. Seungjoon Oh (


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